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JSV 6400 | JSV 3400

Gravely JSV-6400


Packed with power and torque, the JSV 6400 is the ultimate job site vehicle. Features heavy-duty suspension, a one-piece chassis and independent rear suspension offers rigidity in the toughest work environments. You can work, tow, haul & dump in this six seater vehicle. 

The JSV 6400 has a 2-cylinder, 1000cc, OHC engine, a strong clutch and a smooth drivetrain to tackle demanding jobsite conditions. 

Save strength with the electronic power steering. 

The JSV 6400 has a 2075lb payload. 

JSV gravely 3400.png

Gravely JSV-3400sd

There is no shortage of power and torque when it comes to the Atlas JSV 3400. The 3400 features a heavy-duty suspension and comfortably seats three people. 

It has a Polaris 2-Cylinder, SOHC engine with a 999cc displacement. Continuously variable transmission. 4x4 drive train. EFI fuel system and can hold 11.5 gallons of fuel. The 3400 has a payload of 1900 lb. 

The JSV 3400sd features a fabricated all-steel 18 cubic feet cargo bed. You can work, haul, tow and dump with just the push of a button and many more jobs.  

Pricing and options vary, please contact us for more details. Model in photo may vary. *All pricing, specifications, claims, and information contained on this website are based upon current knowledge available at time of publication and are subject to change without notice, and Johnny's Power Sports assumes no responsibility for changes in pricing or specifications made by Gravely.  Johnny's Power Sports assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, opinions, or omissions on this website. Gravely JSV 6400. Gravely JSV 3400. Gravely JSV 3400SD. 

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