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spartan SRT Series

The Spartan SRT Series offers the XD, and XDe version mowers to accommodate small and large commercial jobs. The Spartan SRT-XDe has all the bells and whistles of the XD Big Block with less expensive engines and drives. The SRT XDe models are the industry's best value in zero turn mowers.

Our SRT Series mowers are equipped with an improved five-layer Smart Ride Technology package for both increased traction and comfortable ride. Smart Ride Technology means five layers of comfort. Front and rear radial tires, rear suspension with custom Winamac® Coil Springs, TecsPak® underneath the seat adjustable by operator weight, 360 degree seat plate to dampen shock from all directions and Ultra-premium Dymetrol® Adjustable 3" Travel Seat that works like a spring and is lightweight and durable.

Spartan RZ Pro.png

spartan rz series

The Spartan RZ Series perform like a commercial grade zero turn mowers with a residential price! The RZ now offers FOUR series options with a 42" - 61" deck size range... 

The RZ-C is available in a 42" and 54" deck size, with the same fusion welded tube frame as our bigger zero turn mowers, the RZ-C has the same durability with a lower starting price!  And, its 4" deep deck allows it to maneuver easily in tight spaces. Available with three engine options for varying horsepower.

The RZ, with 22" Carlisle Turf Armor Bias Ply Tires and Tuff Torq 400 Transmission, is an absolute beast of a machine for residential use (and it looks great too!). Pound for pound, there's nothing in the industry that compares!

Spartan's RZ-Pro uses a new Tuff Torq 450 transmission with steel gears, a 10cc pump, charge pump, and serviceable filter! The high-end 22" Carlisle Turf Armor bias ply tires improve traction both on level ground and inclines, and this unit comes standard with the Broad Beam LED Light. 

The RZ-HD is patterned to run with the big guys - with a 5" deep 7 gauge XTF deck, ROPS, 22" rear radials, and the Parker HTE 10cc transmissions, it flat out performs!

Spartan RT Pro 61 2.png

spartan RT series

The Spartan RT-Pro and RT-HD offer a dollar for dollar value that is a cut above the competition. The RT Series is packed with standard Spartan RT Advantages that make Spartan stand out from the rest: 6" Deep, 7-Gauge XTF Deck System, GT Trac for Incline Traction, 360 Degree Seat Plate, Adjustable Steering Arms, Easy Touch Brake System, Ergonomic Cockpit, Foot Assist Easy-lift Deck, Vibration Control Deck System, a straightforward design for easy add-ons and maintenance, and state-of-the-art push start instrument panel.  


The RT-HD is a heavy duty commercial zero turn mower option offering fleet-like pricing to everyday buyers. The comfort, the smooth ride, the clean and even cut, the traction on cannot miss the difference. The RT Series is the most decked-out mower line on the planet at an incredibly affordable price.

spartan KG series

spartan kg series

The Spartan KG is built with an even more comfortable sit-behind seat, so just lean back place your feet on the "soft-ride" platform and place your knees against the "Dymetrol" angled bolster and enjoy the ride.


King of the Grass Stand-Up offerings include the KG Pro (with Parker HTE 10cc transmissions) and KG XD (with Parker HTJ 12cc transmissions) and with 54" and 61" deck options. With a 100-300 lb Operator Platform, dual 6 gallon fuel tanks, Parker Hydros, magnetic pin height adjustment, and the lean-in bolster, these are a few reasons these mowers are a commercial cutter's dream come true.


New for 2022...the KGZ-XD Blackout Ride-On. The KGZ-XD has 55+ lbs/ft of torque to maintain 18,500 FPM for a pristine cut under most conditions. And what else do you get?  Instant torque, quieter operation, reduced fuel usage, increased engine life, and so much more! Both engine pully diameters have been increased so that at 2,800 RPM the blade tip speed remains consistent and the pump speed allows for 15 MPH top speed. The KGZ-XD is our fastest zero turn yet!

Pricing and options vary, please contact us for more details. Model in photo may vary. *All pricing, specifications, claims, and information contained on this website are based upon current knowledge available at time of publication and are subject to change without notice, and Johnny's Power Sports assumes no responsibility for changes in pricing or specifications made by Spartan Mowers.  Johnny's Power Sports assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, opinions, or omissions on this website. Spartan SRT, Spartan RT and Spartan RZ series lawn mowers. 

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